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Akzo Nobel must end flagrant violations of trade union rights at South Korea plant

27 Aug 2015:   IndustriALL Global Union affiliate, the Korea Chemical & Textile Workers' Federation (KCTF), is fighting back against management at an Akzo Nobel plant in South Korea as labour relations are steadily worsening, and have even resulted in violence against workers. IndustriALL is calling on the Dutch chemical giant to intervene to stop the blatant violations of trade union rights.

Akzo Nobel management at the South Korean plant have consistently refused to engage directly with the unions, instead hiring a labour attorney against the union's protests.

After mediation by the ministry of employment and labour, the employer committed to engage in "collective bargaining in sincerity and faith", but relations have since deteriorated.

In July, wage negotiations were halted. And, in total disregard of the collective agreement, the employer is hiring more and more contract workers, undermining the working conditions of permanent workers and weakening the ability of the union to achieve the implementation of the legitimate demands of workers.

On 22 July a partial strike was launched. A local union leader was injured and hospitalized for more than a week as a result of physical attack when management tried to remove union posters.

The KCTF is asking management to resume wage negotiations and to stop the systematic violation of basic occupational safety and health standards at the plant. The union has also sent a letter to the Dutch ambassador to Korea, asking for a constructive solution to the conflict.

IndustriALL general secretary Jyrki Raina is also calling for immediate remedial measures: "We strongly urge Akzo Nobel to intervene immediately at its Ansan plant in South Korea to ensure that Akzo Nobel Korea's management act in strict accordance with national and international labour laws, and in consequence engage in genuine collective bargaining and wage negotiations while stopping from attacking workers and union members.

Source:  IndustriALL Global Union--IndustriALL represents 50 million workers in 140 countrie

Towards a National Cement Network in Indonesia

25 August 2015:   The Indonesian Ministry of Industry estimated early this year that cement industry in Indonesia would experience 10 per cent growth in 2015. The growing demand of cement would come from ceramic industry and massive infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

Indonesia is today the second largest cement producer in Southeast Asia after Vietnam with the capacity of 63.1 Mt/year. Despite the growth of the industry, cement workers are often confronted with uncertainty caused by companies merger, divestment, acquisition and flexible employment.

With the complete merger of two giant cement companies, Holcim and Lafarge with a newly created company LafargeHolcim as the largest cement company in the world. As for Indonesia, the merger process has not been completed awaiting for the approval of Indonesia Business Competition Supervisory Commission.

The two companies have set up a transition committee to prepare the merger in Indonesia. Yet, the workers, especially subcontract and outsourced workers, are not well informed regarding their job security.

In responding to this situation and following up last year cement national conference, BWI Indonesian affiliate, FKUI with the support of the Belgian union ACV and Dutch CNV organized two-day workshop to discuss the protection of cement workers in Indonesia. The workshop was organized in Banda Aceh on 20-22 August 2015.

With 25 participants from Holcim, Lafarge, Baturaja, Kupang, Bosowa and Merah Putih Cement, the workshop explored the situation of the cement industry and development of the global campaign "No Merger without Workers' Rights". The event also marked the start of BWI affiliates working with Industriall affiliates in responding to Holcim-Lafarge Cement by underscoring the need for the protection of the workers' rights.

"Strengthening the national network for the campaign for the protection for cement workers' rights will be a foundation for the global cement network," said Tom Deleu, from ACV, in responding to the workers' commitment to strengthen cement network in Indonesia.

Lafarge Indonesia represented the human resource and supply chain director attended the workshop provided an account on the formation of the transition committee while finalizing legal procedure of the merger that must be abide by the national law. BWI and FKUI seized the opportunity to utter a demand reiterating the need for the so called transition committee to open a dialog space with the workers' representative.

"Social dialog is a crucial process in the industry that workers are well informed about their rights, job security and company's situation" emphasized Bert Vander Spek from CNV. As the output of the workshop. BWI and FKUI will initiate the formation and expansion of the National Cement Network in Indonesia.

Source:  Building and Wood Workers International--BWI uniting 12 million members in 328 trade unions in 130 countries

France: Union research sheds light on state of teaching profession

20 August 2015:   UNSA Education, one of EI's affiliates in France, has - for the third year in a row - published a study examining the current preoccupations of members of the education workforce in the country.

Based on a survey that got 21,200 responses and was addressed at all professionals working in education, the so-called UNSA Barometer highlights some of the problems current education employees experience.

82% of the respondents deplore that their remuneration does not reflect their qualifications and 59% cite dwindling purchasing power as problematic - perhaps not surprising in a country where public service salaries (and thus the salaries of the majority of education employees) have been frozen for the last five years.

Other points highlighted by the survey's respondents were the lack of career development opportunities (45%) and the high workload (40%).

However, the researchers also note that the overall outlook of teachers and education support personnel seems to get better. Compared to 2013, when 59% of respondents had negative feelings about the future of their profession, and to 2014, when they were 48%, this year, only 43% had the same feelings.

"This study is an important tool for us, given the upcoming negotiations with the government," said Laurent Escure, UNSA General Secretary and recently re-elected EI Executive Board member. "It shows what the points are that we need to pay special attention to - but it also shows that our strategy of positive, reform-oriented and demanding unionism is working."

Source:  Education International--EI uniting 30 million education workers in 400 organizations in 170 countries and territories

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